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Form Quantity Sales category Pharma code
Lice-ex® System Box Qty 1 Medicinal product 513 42 83
Lice-ex Foam Solution 150 ml Medicinal product 495 90 53
Lice-ex Foam Solution 300 ml Medicinal product 526 97 87

Lice-ex is a foam solution in a special 3-1 formula:

1.Lice-Ex kills head lice
Lice-Ex is used to fight head lice.The Lice-Ex foam solution is made of coconut oil derivates.These block oxygen access, stifling the lice' ability to breathe, so they asphyxiate, dry out and die.

2.Lice-Ex releases the lice' grip on hair
Lice-Ex dissolves the adhesive lice use to attach onto hair.This makes it easier to remove the lice by brushing or combing.

3.Lice-Ex nourishes the hair
Lice-Ex makes hair elastic and easily combable, and leaves an attractive sheen.

Lice-ex® System Box

(package includes 1 metal comb, 1 plastic comb with magnifying glass, 1x150ml foam solution

Further information and usage advisories are found at lice-ex.ch

Lice-Ex is as effective as chemical products for treating head lice if not more so, but is safe and without chemical action.The foam solution is not harmful to the skin or eyes of your child.The product’s effectiveness has been tested in independent scientific studies of children affected by head lice.

Available at chemists/pharmacies and drug stores.

Link to Swiss Society of Head Lice Scientists http://www.sgkf.ch/