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Gynofit Foam Wash 120 ml Cosmetics 757 37 04

Simple to use – multiple uses

Lactic acid and an extract of Aloe Vera plants support your pH balance and the natural protective function of your vaginal flora. In addition to cleaning, the fine foam allows intimate shaving to be carried out. With just one product, you save lots of time that could be used for something more valuable.

Gynofit foam wash is non-perfumed, free of soap and colourants and has been dermatologically tested.

Use for cleaning:

Use the foam wash daily while showering. After use, rinse off well. Of course, Gynofit foam wash can be used for cleaning other sensitive areas of the body.

Use for intimate shaving:

Firstly, generously apply Gynofit foam wash. Then, using gentle strokes, slowly shave your intimate area. Keep the skin taught and frequently rinse the blade under running water.

Is your skin prone to irritation after shaving? In that case, we recommend Gynofit Intimate Hygiene Oil. It calms and moisturises the intimate area of the skin after hair removal.

Benefits of Gynofit Foam Wash:

  • Cleaning & intimate shaving with just one product
  • Saves time thanks to its multiple purpose
  • Protects flora in the genital area
  • With lactic acid and Aloe Vera extract

Further information can be found at: www.gynofit.ch