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Gynofit Perineum Oil 100 ml Cosmetics 563 28 22

Gynofit Damm-Öl ist bestens für die Damm-Massage geeignet

The times during pregnancy, around the time of the birth and afterwards are already turbulent enough. During this phase of life, women need products that reliably support them with the issues at that time. Gynofit Perineum Oil has proven itself for daily perineum massage from the 34th week of pregnancy. It contains high-quality plant oils, vitamin E and lactic acid.

The essentials at a glance:

  • Rich oil for perineum massage in preparation for birth
  • Recommended for daily use from the 34th week
  • Almond, wheat germ and evening primrose oils plus vitamin E
  • Makes the perineum tissue supple and flexible
  • Treatment of birth scars and stretch marks

Further information can be found at: www.gynofit.ch