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Fortevital Vitamin K2 mono lozenges 60g Dietary supplements 725 42 87

Fortify your bones with Fortevital Vitamin K2 mono!

Fortevital Vitamin K2 mono helps cover your daily Vitamin K2 requirements alongside a balanced diet. It contains Vitamin K2 in a microcapsule, therefore in a stable form. The lozenges are gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and free of preservatives.


For years, many people have been taking vitamin D3 preparations, mainly in the sun-deprived winter months. This makes sense as, according to a study by the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health, around 60% of all people in Switzerland exhibit a vitamin D3 deficiency. According to the latest scientific findings, vitamin D3 can only display its positive effects once the supply of vitamin K2 is guaranteed. Vitamin K2 ensures that the calcium absorbed with the help of vitamin D3 is actually transported into the bones and teeth and does not become deposited in vessels, organs and tissue, forming calcifications and causing us harm. It is therefore important to take both vitamins together.

Fortevital vitamin K2 mono lozenges are taken without water making them ideal for taking on the go. They are also ideal for people who find it difficult to swallow capsules or tablets. They are simple to dose and, thanks to their natural pineapple flavour, pleasant to take. The recommended dose is one lozenge per day. Taking regularly and on a long-term basis is recommended.

List of ingredients

Sweetener: Sorbitol and Xylitol, 112.5 ug Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone, Mk-7), turmeric extract, acidulant: L(+) tartaric acid, separating agents: magnesium salts from fatty acids, natural flavouring

Fortevital Vitamin K2 mono is available without prescription in pharmacies and chemists.

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