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Fortevital Magnesium gets tired muscles and nerves working.

Fortevital Magnesium: Your daily dietary supplement fizzes cheerily in your glass at the breakfast table – or it makes its way into your system with a gulp of water or fruit juice, in caplet form if you prefer.

However you choose to treat yourself to this boost of energy and relaxation: You won't want to be without Fortevital Magnesium again, especially at stressful times! It is the perfect muscle care programme and a relief for the nerves, an energy metabolism activator and a fatigue eliminator. Feel relaxed and in good form – master everyday challenges flexibly.



Magnesium ensures that the muscles, nervous system and metabolism function properly. It facilitates relaxation and reduces tiredness and undue fatigue. Vitamin E also helps protect body cells against oxidative stress.

Effervescent tablets

Fortevital Magnesium effervescent tablets supplement your daily diet with additional magnesium and vitamin E.


Fortevital Magnesium caplets contain magnesium.


Effervescent tablets
Dissolve one effervescent tablet daily in approx. 150ml water and drink.

Take two caplets daily with water or other beverage without chewing.

Available without prescription at pharmacies and drug stores.