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Fortevital Envigorating Capsules Qty 30 D 190 95 57
Fortevital Envigorating Capsules Qty 60 D 190 95 63
Fortevital Envigorating Capsules Qty 120 D 190 99 37
Tonic 500 ml D 262 83 00

Treat yourself to vitality: Fortevital Strengthener

Developed for challenging times, this regenerative product helps with mental and physical exhaustion. Treat yourself to a sense of balance and high performance capability – the Fortevital tonic won't leave you out in the cold.


Fortevital Strengthener is a mix of vitamins, minerals and trace elements complemented by ginseng and ginkgo and it gives you a boost of extra vitality.

Fortevital Strengthener is particularly recommended if you have noticed:

  •  a decline in your abilities (physical and/or mental)
  •  difficulty concentrating
  •  a lack of drive


Adults: 2 capsules daily or 3 x 20ml of tonic using the included measuring cup.

Further Information:

Fortevital Strengthener capsules and tonic are pharmaceutical products.Please obtain advice from a professional and read the package insert.

Available without prescription at pharmacies and drug stores in packages of 30, 60 or 120 capsules and in liquid tonic form.



This is a medication.Obtain advice from a professional and read the package insert