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Fortevital Iron optimises blood cell formation.

Enjoy life again: Fortevital Iron Film-coated Tablets can be used as a food supplement with iron and vitamins C, B2, B12, K and folic acid to stay healthy and to strengthen blood production. The body needs iron for the normal production of red blood cells.

People, particularly women, often find themselves trudging through the days feeling weak and tired…but it doesn't have to be that way. The combination of iron with a cleverly devised vitamin mix supports the blood's developmental and functional processes – allowing you to radiate vitality!


Iron is one thing, but absorption is another matter.

Other nutrients are helpful in order to absorb and utilise the iron in the best way. These join up with each other in Fortevital Iron caplets, supplementing your daily vitamin supply with iron and

  • vitamin C (increases iron absorption)
  • vitamin B2 (strengthens the iron metabolism)
  • vitamin B12 (promotes the formation of red blood cells)
  • folic acid (supports blood cell formation)
  • vitamin K (necessary for blood coagulation)


Take one unchewed caplet daily with water or other beverage.