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Leucen healing salve 30 g D 710 31 05

A remedy to help the healing of painful skin wounds? Yes, please!

Leucen healing salve – calms pain and irritation, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, promotes healing

When your skin has a problem, Leucen healing salve can give it the help it needs. It acts as a mild disinfectant and anti-inflammatory, relieving uncomfortable skin irritation and pain in an instant. For skin wounds such as cracked areas of skin (rhagades), chilblains or minor burns, this special cream provides the perfect first aid from your reliable Leucen home medicine kit.

Usage and indications

Leucen healing salve encourages regeneration of the skin and the healing of minor wounds and skin damage, for example:

  • Skin rhagades (painful cracks in the skin, skin fissures)
  • Sores, intertrigo
  • Burns
  • Herpes
  • Chilblains
  • Anal itching

Leucen healing salve is available without prescription in 30g packaging at your pharmacy or drug store.

How does Leucen healing salve work? Effect and mechanism of action

Leucen healing salve heals and protects skin that is broken or too dry. Its active substances encourage your skin to heal and regenerate. The salve is intended for use on small areas. Leucen healing salve provides rapid relief for small scrapes, cuts, bedsores (chafing), anal itching, chilblains, burns or herpes. The salve acts as a mild disinfectant and relieves pain or skin irritation.

How to use and how much? Dosage and application

Leucen healing salve is suitable for adults and young people aged 12 and over. Apply the salve liberally to the affected area. You can cover the salve with a light bandage if necessary. This allows even more effective absorption of the active substances. Repeat application several times a day until symptoms improve.

Caution: Medical treatment is required for bite wounds, stab wounds or wounds that are deep, cover a large area, or are very dirty (risk of tetanus). You should always visit a doctor if wound is red around the edges or there is any swelling or fever (risk of blood poisoning). If you accidentally get the salve in your eyes, rinse immediately with fresh water.

What active substances are contained in 1g of the salve? Composition

Active substances:

Lidocaine hydrochloride 10mg
Oxyquinoline sulphate 0.5mg
Macrogol 9 lauryl ether 40mg
Resorcinol 5mg
Zinc oxide 100mg


Macrogol 400
Wool fat
Other auxiliary substances

This is a medication.Obtain advice from a professional and read the package insert